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Connecting people, artists, cultures and disciplines, Best Kept Secret brings the best of the known and unknown in music, food and culture, to be discovered and celebrated together. Not just as a three-day festival but as an all-year-long institution as well.


Best Kept Secret / Friendly Fire


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Dutch Interactive Awards 2022

Together with ..,staat we worked on the repositioning and (digital) rebranding of music festival Best Kept Secret. The new pay-off for Best Kept Secret “Celebrating music through the lens of culture and exploring culture through the lens of music.” in combination with the new visual identity was a perfect new foundation for BKS to have express the energy of a live festival but also the flexibility to make impact all year long. And it gave us as Bravoure the freedom to go all out with the new website and think of innovative UX concepts.

We started to explore how we could translate the concept ‘Music through the lens of culture’ into an innovate but user friendly UX concept. We came up with the idea to make a actual zoom lens that will let the visitor discover the program, full of secrets, by scroll deeper and deeper through the artists and cultural program items. Kind of how you explore a festival in real life!

…,staat created a system of visual ingredients, lay-outs and behaviours that play outside the lines, connecting, crossing and complementing each other in dynamic and diverse ways. We took all these ingredients and created a new website that acts as a vehicle to navigate and explore the multi-faceted program.

The website won a silver Dutch Interactive Award (DIA) in the category Brand.

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