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Moco is so much more than a museum - it's a brand that connects people to modern art in a wider context, both in and outside the Museum doors. Founded in 2016, Moco exhibits inspiring modern, contemporary and street art in Amsterdam and Barcelona, attracting a young, international audience.


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The Question
How can we create a seamless online brand experience that reflects Moco across all touch-points, inviting a larger, younger generation to connect through art? Our goal: deeper appreciation for modern art worldwide, propelling Moco Museum as a globally recognized brand.

To reach the young, progressive Moco visitors (Gen-Z and millennials), who are more drawn to social media and lifestyle than art, we needed to enter their cultural world. After all, in a world dominated by TikTok videos and swiping for love, they are clearly redefining norms. Yet, they also yearn for a role model more than ever. We positioned Moco as the role model of the new Elan, guiding them through the fine balance between pop culture, society, and world-class art.

We crafted an online world that explores the boundaries of modern art through the eyes of the next generation. Inspired by a TikTok "feed" format tailored for mobile use, we take them on a visual journey, letting them redefine the norm in user experience. The platform is driven by accessible SEO-driven stories and personalised content that resonate with their daily lives, fostering real conversations and driving conversions to visit Moco exhibitions.

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