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Since 2008, we’ve been on a mission to help brands become more human in the digital era. Today we’re a tight-knit team of 30 strategists, creatives and developers, focusing on one thing: taking care of your brand across multiple digital touch-points.

We believe that brands become more human when they’re accessible, social and emotional. As a strategic partner we craft effective brand strategies, digital first identities and online products that make brand stand out and become more human.


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Cliq.de: Germany's first all-in-one streaming platform. Simplifies the world of streaming by bundling movies & series, music, audiobooks, sports, and games. Becoming the best-value-for-money brand that lets you watch, listen, and play from one single platform.




Digital Strategy

Business Strategy


UX/UI Design

Product roadmap

Marketing Optimisation

The Question
How can we define the business and digital strategy to build, launch and scale a trusted value for money streaming product?

We partnered with stakeholders at Cliq Group, as part of their growth team, to define and validate the business model and brand positioning for the new streaming product. Then quantified the spread of consumers in the German market. Recognising the unique drivers for consumers and complexity in the sector, we developed a strategy focused on localisation, simplicity, and operational excellence across the digital ecosystem.

Starting with the audience in mind, we placed a strong emphasis on localisation. For users, dynamic content cards enriched with accurate user data made navigation and access across all sectors feel intuitive and personalised.

Next, simplicity took the lead. With meticulous routing, the interface guides users through sign-up, payments and authentication seamlessly, making interactions hassle-free.

Behind the scenes, operational excellence thrives. Our digital ecosystem, built to stay relevant, is fuelled by a modern tech stack to extract data from various channels. This automation empowers the team to make data driven decisions to scale and grow the product.

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