How we work

At Bravoure, we always start with your why to define what your brand needs and how to achieve this to excel in the digital world. By taking a top-down approach, we create your strategical branding positioning and develop a digital ecosystem. The results? Online marketing assets that optimise your sales funnel and effectively strengthen your brand.

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Our three-step process

Think big

At the start of a new project we determine the strategy and concept in order to reach the scope of the specific project. We do this in close collaboration with you as a client. We map out the goals, make personas and customer journeys and set up a roadmap.
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Start small

Once we have a strategy and initial product backlog available, we determine the MVP (Minimum viable product). It contains the minimum amount of functionality necessary to create intrinsic marketable value. The MVP addresses the user needs and creates the right user experience, it reduces time to market and enables a faster product launch.
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Grow smart

When the MVP is in production, work doesn’t stop, it just begins. The 'build, measure, learn' loop is pretty simple. We build your product, get it into the real world, measure customers’ reactions and behaviour, learn from this, and use what we’ve learned to build something better until you have something that customers really love.
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Our tried-and-tested model

With the help of inbound marketing, we help our clients consistently target the right audience at the right time to create meaningful engagement with their audience. In five distinctive steps we ensure brands stay strong in the digital world, attracting potential buyers and cultivating new customers.
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