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We love Slack

As we have people working for us remote, seamless communication has a top priority. So we were in desperate need of an all-in-one and easy-to-use communication tool!

While our business has grown, we’ve found that internal communication becomes increasingly cluttered and it was getting harder and harder to keep track of our email inbox. Simple messages to clients or colleagues were sent via Email, Google Hangouts, Skype, post-its, phone, Whatsapp and so on.

As we have people working for us remote, seamless communication has a top priority. So we were in desperate need of an all-in-one and easy-to-use communication tool!

The introduction of Slack
This is how Slack describes itself: “Slack is a collaboration hub, where the right people and the right information come together, helping everyone get work done.”

Nowadays Slack is integrated in our daily routine and we even use Slack to communicate with our regular clients. We found out that it helps us to communicate in a much more efficient way than ever before. It helps to keep the team on track with the different projects, we share interesting news, advice and fun stuff. Another small fact: Internal email basically dropped to zero, YAY!

1. Easy to use & centralised communication

Slack was implemented within a few clicks and the whole team adopted Slack surprisingly quick. It is a big plus that it works on Apple, Windows and all mobile devices. You can sign in to multiple teams (see #4) and everything is in sync. One of our main pain point was the varied ways in which we were communicating. With Slack, all team communication is in one place and accessible anywhere.

2. #Channels: See what you want to see

You are able to communicate via three forms of messaging: direct message, group channels and private channels. This way you only receive messages that are important for you or you choose to receive. You can go totally crazy with your channels. We structure our conversation into topics (like general, design, development etc) and groups per project, were the team can have a conversation without bugging others. No more endless and useless CC emails! Of course we have some fun channels like crazy lunch request or not to be missed movies & series.

3. Instant Q & A

You don’t have to wait for an answer until your colleague went through his whole mailbox and decide which one to answer first. With Slack you can have an answer in seconds: you can send a private message or mention someone by @ in a group channel. The persons will receive a notification that someone is in need of his attention. Slack is particularly perfect for quickly seeking an opinion, answer of approval and/or updating the team with a quick message.

4. Short lines with clients

After Slack was fully adopted internally, we decided to use Slack with some of our regular clients. We explained the benefits and a new Slack team was created within a second. It is particularly convenient when you work in sprints and you want to ask the client something real quickly. Some ground rules were set about response time. Such as nobody needs to always respond right away and important decisions made or approvals are still confirmed by email. We see that external emails are reduced significantly and the feedback is positive!

5. Integrations with our favourite apps

Slack allows you to integrate all your favourite apps. We now get all notifications from services we use everyday, directly within Slack. We integrated it with Google calendar, ClickUp, Bitbucket and many more.

6. Giphy, Slackbot and Emoji

When you ask the team, their main reason to use Slack is the integration of animated GIFs. Sometimes only a GIF can express the way you are feeling. We make it a sport to communicate solely through animated gifs or custom emoji. That’s right, you can upload your own images and create personalised emoji. You people are gonna love this!