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We love Inbound Marketing

Relationships matter. With the help of inbound marketing techniques our clients can consistently target the right audience at the right time and create meaningful engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. In five distinctive steps we help brands attract potential buyers and cultivate new customers.

Attract the right customer
Don’t attract ‘just’ traffic. By creating content that is specifically created for your ideal customer you’ll attract the right audience. We help our clients with their content strategy, optimise their SEO and create the ideal landing pages to move forward with.

Convert traffic in valuable leads
So you have all these visitors on your website, but don’t know how to reach them. No worries, we have plenty of techniques to gather their contact information. From IP addresses to full Facebook profiles, we’ll make sure we’ll convert them into valuable leads.

When potential buyers become customers
This is where the magic happens. By keeping track of your contacts, you’re able to get in touch with your prospects at the right time and place. Our personalisation and marketing automation platform will help you draw potential buyers into your sales funnel.

Let your customers be your advocate
We continuously improve the content strategy and customer experience with our service design methodology. Great content and a smooth sales funnel are essential for the modern customer journey. Creating happy customers that are more likely to advocate your product and more open for upsell.

Build, measure, learn
Inbound marketing is an iterative process. An important part of the chain is measure your results, analyse your learnings and adjust your tactics. It’s not about finding the golden egg at once, but a series of iterations that will lead you to it.

Forget branding and positioning. Once you understand customer behaviour, everything else falls into place.