GroupArticle overview

Think Big

At the start of a new project we determine the strategy and concept in order to reach the scope of the specific project. We do this in close collaboration with you as a client. We map out the goals, make personas and customer journeys and set up a roadmap.

Brand strategy
Every digital brand starts with a vision. What does your brand stand for? How are you going to add something to your client's life? We look at the expectations and wishes of your (future) customer and your business goals. We summarise this to a manifest that forms the base of your style, personality and UX.

Buyer persona
A persona is a fictional representation of an actual user. It represents your ideal customer, their backgrounds, personality, goals, challenges, preferences and online activity. Buyer personas drive our design process by taking user needs into account. With strong buyer personas you can create an effective marketing strategy that appeals to the right customer.

Customer journeys
We map out the customer journey of your business to identify key interactions that the customer has with you. It tells the story of the customers' experience and helps us highlight customer needs & current problem areas. It also creates opportunities to enhance the customer experience and nurtures users to become viable leads.

To validate the relevance of the idea, the design and the technical requirements we apply several methods. Think of design concept explorations, prototyping, proof of concepts or in-market pilots with users and stakeholders. This will help identify technology risks and assumptions made in the design concept and give you a working model to show stakeholders.