GroupArticle overview

Start small

Once we have a strategy and initial product backlog available, we start with the creation of the product. The eventual product is created according to Scrum principles. 

Being Agile

At Bravoure we work according to the Scrum methodology, which is part of the Agile movement. With Scrum, projects are split up into smaller, more manageable iterations, called sprints. This gives the team a framework for delivering products quickly and efficient. We love how it raises the quality of our work, intensifies the relationship with the clients and boosts the spirit of our team.

Minimum viable product

Once we have a strategy and initial product backlog available, we determine the MVP (Minimum viable product). It contains the minimum amount of functionality necessary to create intrinsic marketable value. The MVP addresses the user needs and creates the right user experience, it reduces time to market and enables a faster product launch.

Build, measure, learn

De ontwikkelingen in de markt en technologie volgen elkaar in hoog tempo op en om concurrerend te blijven moet je blijven innoveren. Bravoure doet dit via de build, measure, learn filosofie: in kleine stappen doorontwikkelen, daarvan leren en bijsturen. We bieden daarvoor diverse aanvullende tools aan, waarmee we aannames testen, implementeren en valideren.


Sprint is the scrum term for an iteration. At Bravoure a sprint has a repeatable workcycle of mostly two weeks. Within each sprint, the multidisciplinary team builds and tests the prioritised functionalities. When one sprint finishes, another sprint starts. This cycle repeats over and over until the product or MVP is ready for (first) release. Working in sprints allows Bravoure to reduce cost and time to market.

Build, measure, learn

When the MVP is in production, work doesn’t stop, it just begins. The 'build, measure, learn' loop is pretty simple. We build your product, get it into the real world, measure customers’ reactions and behaviour, learn from this, and use what we’ve learned to build something better until you have something that customers really love.