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Embrace innovation in web development

When it comes to innovation, the digital space is one of the most fast-moving industries out there. New frameworks, tools, and APIs are constantly released, making it hard to keep track. Although new isn’t always better, recent features such as Next.js (by Vercel) have a significant impact on the web. Innovation is key and you better stay up-to-date. We tell you how.

Why we do it
Innovation should be seen an always ongoing process. It’s not an ideology or something you ‘do’ every now and then, it’s a way of working. Only that way you can tell what’s actually adding value to your product and what’s just another buzz.

At Bravoure, innovation has become a part of our daily work routine. We always thrive to design & build platforms that stand out, are bold and provide the best possible user experience. By embracing innovation, we can keep doing this and we’re making sure we stay ahead of the game.

How we do it
To kick-off the week in the best possible way, our development team always starts the Monday with a weekly session to discuss trends, experiences, new findings etc. On top of that, we have monthly interactive development sessions where we dive deep into a specific topic, for example: Next.js’ new API for building pages plus new features such as streaming and server components. And guess what, we’re already using these techniques in our latest projects.

By having these weekly and monthly sessions, we’re making sure that our whole team is up to speed with the latest technologies. This allows us to start using them as soon as we feel like without compromising on stability and speed of the process.

Why you should too
So what’s the point of always trying and using these new technologies? Does it actually benefit the user and client or is it only satisfying for the developer? I hear you think.

First off, it’s never about being the fastest—it’s about the value that it adds. In our case, Next.js’ new layout and parallel routes API allows us to create websites that feel like native apps while still having all the benefits, such as excellent Google indexing, of a fully server side rendered website. Add iOS’ latest support for push notifications to it and you’ll have a website that cannot be distinguished from a native app anymore.

This is just an example where innovation allows us to build richer and more unique user experiences. Experiences with the potential of getting a lot of exposure, reaching a big audience and winning design & development awards.

Ready? We can’t wait.