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Grow Smart

When the MVP is in production, work doesn’t stop, it just begins. The 'build, measure, learn' loop is pretty simple. We build your product, get it into the real world, measure customers’ reactions and behaviour, learn from this, and use what we’ve learned to build something better until you have something that customers really love.

Centralise your data
We believe that your website should be a data-driven platform where all your digital channels tap into a centralised data hub. With the collected data we are able to create insights & dashboards, make audience segmentations and optimise your content. With this information you can deliver personalised messages and optimise conversions.

Actionable data
The beauty of data is the automation behind it. By making use of marketing automation techniques and lead nurturing flows we optimise your sales funnel. Automatically send out relevant and personalised notifications, all tailored to the needs of your customer.

Inbound Marketing
Relationships matter. With the help of inbound marketing techniques you can consistently target the right audience at the right time and create meaningful engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. In five distinctive steps we help brands attract potential buyers and cultivate new customers.

A/B testing

No matter how good we know our target audience, we cannot predict if a feature will work or not. To validate our assumptions we are using A/B tests. This is a method of comparing two version of a webpage (or elements of a website) to see which one performs better. The winner is the one with better conversion rates.

Social platform integrations
Our unique social platform enables our clients to unlock, centralise and generate lots of visitor data gathered on various social platforms. We enrich user profiles with (social) context and transform that data into ready-for-action consumer insights and marketing tools.