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Creating art with AI

Pride week. A moment to unveil Lena. A powerful artwork, born during a creative session at our Bravoure office. Fueled by compassion & brought to life with AI, using Dall-E. Curious how? We tell you all about it.

"Is AI-generated art still art?"

We love exploring the possibilities of AI at Bravoure. During an inspiring Beer & Pizza night, we tackled the central question: Is AI-generated art still art? Split into groups, we dove into the balance between art and AI. And that's when Lena emerged.

About the artwork
The artwork revolves around the emotional story of Lena, who struggles with her gender identity, shedding light on the challenges faced by the trans and non-binary community. The mirror Lena gazes into symbolizes the struggle of self-acceptance, while the material represents the hope and despair of modern life - plastic.

It's all about the right prompt
Lena was not born in a second. You need to give AI some decent input, if you want some decent outcome. Our creatives prompted it with the following story:

“As an artist, I feel deeply moved by the story of Lena, who struggled with her gender identity and ultimately took her own life. I want to create an art piece that honours her memory and raises awareness about the very real struggles faced by trans and non-binary people.

I envision a sculpture that is both beautiful and haunting, designed to evoke a sense of the pain and isolation that Lena must have felt. The sculpture will feature a mirror, symbolising the struggle to reconcile one’s inner self with the outer world. It will be made out of plastic, a material that represents both the hope and despair of modern life.

I hope that this sculpture will serve as a reminder of the importance of supporting and affirming the identities of trans and non-binary people. Through art, we can bring attention to important social issues and create a space for healing and reflection. I believe that Lena’s story deserves to be told, and that her memory can serve as a catalyst for positive change in our society.”

Dancing the line between art and AI
Now gracing our office walls with pride, 'Lena' stands as a symbol of inclusivity and acceptance. Also, it sparks conversations about the interplay between art and AI, prompting us to reflect on the integration of technology into the creative process.

Of course, as creatives we embrace the potential that AI offers. But we also have to ensure that our unique perspectives and identities shine through in every design we create.

How do you navigate the delicate balance between preserving your artistic identity and leveraging AI as a tool?