Cases overview

Urban Sports Week Amsterdam Digital Platform

Urban Sport Week Amsterdam has found Bravoure as a strategic partner who is in it for the long run. We developed a long term, sustainable, digital platform that is able to grow and keep up with the vision and ambitions of USWA in the future.

The Challenge

Become the biggest urban sports event internationally

USWA has a clear goal in mind: to provide an epic event experience - offline and online - and offering a (digital) platform for their target audience. Therewithal, they want to become the biggest urban sports event within the upcoming 10 years, rivaling similar initiatives already taking place on an international level.

We needed a design to stick out, and a tone of voice to engage – Bravoure changed our perspective!

Marnix Drysdale
The Platform

A scalable online platform as central hub for all audiences

Bravoure created a long term, sustainable online platform, with the focus on providing a central hub that is appealing to all audiences and provides all information within one click. The spacious design and clean style encourage interaction and facilitates easy navigation throughout the whole website.

The inbound method

Every single page has a conversion opportunity

By publishing content that appeals to the interests of USWA target audiences, we naturally attract traffic we can convert, close, and delight over time. By strategically placing different call to actions on every single page, we cultivate quickly new customers. 


Converting visitors into valuable leads during launch

When the website went online, the program was not yet known. To make sure we captured the contact information of the visitors and convert them into valuable leads, we created a pre-registration form. Here the visitors could leave their email address and select their favourite sport(s) to receive program updates based on their interest.