Cases overview

BeBurger Campaign Website

Innovation, entrepreneurship, collaboration and ‘pure food’ are at the core of Purple Bee Hive, a daughter company of the Zwanenberg Food Group. BeBurger is a platform for the development of tasty and healthy convenient vegetarian burgers. BeBurger came to us with the question if we could develop the new website which suits the brand perfectly.

#fitlife can still be delicious

The Challenge

Shake up the burger market

The question of Purple Bee Hive was plain and simple: How can the online strategy contribute to a successful launch and strengthen BeBurger as a brand? The website should be the general location that collects all of the social media content and delicious burger recipes.

Key elements

Creative, social and delicious

Natwerk developed a clear tone of voice. BeBurger is a playful and vibrant brand that has creativity and socialising at its core. The BeBurger champions are those who are pushing the boundaries of what a burger can taste like, look like and even smell like. The visual style of the website reflects these key elements. It is simple, creative and of course looks delicious

Make your own

Unleash your burger creativity

A burger needs to be adjusted to your own taste. That’s where we come in with the burger creator. This allows you to design your own custom burger and share your burger creativity with the BeBurger community.


Recipes overview & suggestions

On the website of BeBurger you can find a whole bunch of creative ideas to make your perfect burger. Who says burgers need to be meat based and always contain the same, classic ingredients? The base for making your perfect burger is a passion for food, some good ideas and a sesame bun.