Cases overview

The new Paradiso platform

The diversity in musical genres and non - musical programming makes Paradiso stand out. Paradiso offers more than 1000 programs and they play an important role in the recent history of Amsterdam, and in the Dutch pop culture in general. It is a real honour for us to work with this place and people!

The challenge

Create a website that reflects Paradiso's leading role

The request was simple: bring Paradiso into a new era. Our aim was to create a new website that reflects the leading and progressive role of Paradiso, while simplifying the experience. We improved functionality to make searching, browsing, reading and buying easier. For us, the task was to make this happen and bring Paradiso's leading role in music and culture to life.

Paradiso is a temple of new culture, always exploring the borders of pop culture.


Dynamic layered design

The iconic printwork of Paradiso is based of the idea of layering. To reference their artwork, we made use of overlays for the item pages. Overlays are a great solution for giving the user a moment of focused interaction. Moreover, you never leave the current page you are visiting when opening the overlay: you always stay on the same page within the site.


Honouring the creative identity of Paradiso

In the mid 90's, studio Experimental Jetset created the visual identity of Paradiso. They introduced a fixed set of colours and came up with a unique letter layering style that remains iconic to Paradiso's identity today. To honour this legacy, we closely carried their identity over to the website to reflect the printwork everyone has come to recognize. Colours, typeface and layering style are all referenced on the new site.


Real-time search with sticky bar functionality

Having the search bar at immediate disposal is important for a website with an extensive amount of content. Adding a sticky search navaigation bar allows easer and quicker browsing.


Fullscreen onscreen filtering

The filter view is laid over the program results in order to create a more focused experience when a lot of data needs to be filtered. This prevents the user form being distracted when reviewing the many filter options.

Spotify integration

Personal program based on your Spotify

By connecting to your Spotify account, Paradiso is able to integrate individual Spotify data to provide users with a personal program based on your favourite artists and songs. No upcoming gigs from your favourite artists? Paradiso will suggest artists playing soon who are right up your alley.


The website as central hub for sub-brands

Paradiso has numerous sub-brands like Indiestad and Suger Mountain to represent different musical hubs. Each brand has their own unique character, visual identity, program and community. We integrated all of their different sub-brands on the new website in a way that retains their own identity and showcases their indiviudal programs.