Cases overview

Start-up BuyRely

BuyRely is an innovative online payment service for safe down payments. The initiative won the ING Innovation Bootcamp in 2015 and after successfully tested and validated their product in the energy market they are now rolling out their business. As Bravoure we joined the team of BuyRely from the start and we are proud to be still part of their growing success.

The Challenge

Launch a viable commercial business

When BuyRely entered the ING Innovation Bootcamp with just an idea, they approached us to create a strateg   y and concept for a working prototype and demo website and the actual development of both. Since then we support and help BuyRely with their online (marketing) strategy, brand identity and further development of the online application and website.

Build, measure, learn

Roadmap to success

From refining the business concept by setting up focus groups, execute online experiments and finetuning UX and UI  to creation of brand assets and further development of the online application: everything we do has the focus on traction, growth and scalability in new markets.

One dashboard for buyers, sellers and suppliers

One dashboard for buyers, sellers and suppliers

With BuyRely payment transactions are kept safe and secure until the service or product is delivered. We developed an online application with user- friendly transaction insights. Via a shared and secure online environment all users can keep track of the payments.

Email automation

Get notifications during every step of the process

With marketing automation we created a notification functionality to keep track of the payments during every step in the process. No need to login and check the status of your transaction.