Cases overview

Online brand strategy Giorgio 1958

Giorgio 1958 is all about the art of making shoes and 100% Italian craftsmanship. With the new online identity and branded website we make sure Giorgio is positioned even more as a lifestyle shoe brand/ inspiring lifestyle platform.

Authentic Italian craftmanship

The Challenge

Positioning Giorgio as lifestyle brand

Giorgio stands for authentic Italian craftsmanship. The luxurious and affordable, high quality shoes, are all about living your life in style. We are asked to reinvent the shoe brand and transform it into a lifestyle platform which stands for authenticity, inspiration and craftsmanship.

Giorgio signature

The Italian way of living

Giorgio pays meticulous attention to all stages of the manufacturing process. For us it was immediately clear that we wanted to visually showcase the authenticity and the italian way of living on the website. We combined high quality product photography, shot in a real life setting, with a warm and original layout.

Online lifestyle platform

When craftsmanship meets elegance

By combining inspiring fullscreen photography with engaging and authentic storytelling videos, we created a website full of emotion and lifestyle. The Giorgio website got awarded with the AWWWard Site of the Day.