Cases overview

Emark Corporate Website

Emark and Bravoure partnered up to create and develop a responsive corporate website with international look and feel that showcases the portfolio and expertise of Emark.

The Challenge

Thought leadership and international allure

In a short period of time Emark grew from a small company situated in Haarlem to an international company with two offices outside the Netherlands, and even more to come. Emark asked Bravoure the create a new website that showcase their market expertise and international ambitions and to find a way to attract new people who want to work for Emark.

Emark is a leading marketing technology company

Minimalistic design approach

Flat design: simple, classic and user centric

To give the website a more corporate but not boring feeling, our designers went for Flat design. The design emphasizes usability and feels clean by using a lot of open space and the bright colour orange. This make the images and buttons pop from backgrounds and easily grab attention and guide the user’s eye.

Our exponential growth leads us to a new chapter. Bravoure helped us to create a mature and catchy new website and appearance.

Tamara Oppedijk
Head of Marketing
Atomic design principles

Relational Webdesign

Flexibility and easy to use were important keywords for Emark regarding the website. They wanted to be able to change the layout of all the pages easy and quickly via the CMS. Based on atomic design principles we decided to design all the needed elements in individual blocks. This way Emark can pick and choose the blocks they want to build a page by there own.

Technical innovation

Full responsive Single Page Application with Angular

Because the website is build mobile first, the choice for a Single Page Application (SPA) was easy. Responsiveness increases tremendously, back-end maintenance becomes easier and maybe the most important thing, the website does not need a page reload. What not to like?

Technical methodology

API first approach

Instead of building only the web application and in a later phase an API for third party integrations, we decided to build the API first and build the web application on top of that API. This is the most sensible strategy for efficiently developing and maintaining the digital products of Emark in the future years.