Cases overview

Dekmantel Festival

In recent years Dekmantel has organised a yearly festival in Amsterdam. Starting 2017 the same concept will be copied to the Brazilian city of São Paulo. By reusing the framework Bravoure created all Dekmantel Festival websites over the years.

Starting fresh

A new festival by Dekmantel

In 2013 Dekmantel organised their first festival in Amsterdam. Being a long time client of Bravoure, naturally the request was a fitting website for the newest addition to their family in 2016. A brand new festival with a multi day program was the challenge Bravoure happily accepted.

Start small, grow smart

Reusability is key, but custom is a necessity

The visitor of a festival-website needs three things: the program, ability to buy tickets and general information. Although this sounds simple, a festival-website goes through a range of states varying from announcing a date to an after-state. Dekmantel Festival is no exception. The Dekmantel feel is unique though. Bravoure believes in reusing, without losing the unique feeling of a website. From Dekmantel Festival Amsterdam to Dekmantel Festival São Paulo; the same, but completely different.

Peak visits

Robust and scalable

When Dekmantel started their festival, nobody could have imagined the success it would become. Bravoure created a responsive website to accommodate for the growing mobile audience. Dekmantel Festival has become one of the go-to festivals, meaning thousands of visitors f5-ing their way to much sought-after tickets. The robust website scales nicely and delivers the content the user looks for.

Scroll effects

Animations bring the artwork alive

Dekmantel is known for doing things just a bit different. Their exuberant artworks come alive in the browser with slick animations which help show off what Dekmantel stands for.

Translate to the mobile web


In recent years the artwork for Dekmantel Festival was created by our friends of Thonik. Bravoure made the translation from a static artwork to a dynamic web experience suitable for multiple devices.