Cases overview

CJP platform & identity

We developed a strategic platform where CJP can build a solid and profitable relationship with their cardholders. By restyling the corporate identity we created a visual experience that re-energized CJP’s online presence.

The Challenge

Reinventing the brand CJP

The website of CJP needed a strategic update. Having 800.000 members and more than 2.000 discount locations without a structured navigation meant the website became a content monster. Not allowing the different user segments to navigate easily through the discounts, but even more importantly, not allowing potential new members to easily buy a membership.


Brand new online strategy and look & feel

CJP should be simple and transparent. Young, urban and edgy. We introduced browsing by themes, allowing visitors to navigate by fields of interest. Next to that we created a simple but powerful identity with a more mature feel. The existing blue as a signal colour for discounts rather than the entire canvas. Big photography to inspire the visitors and a good filter system to find the right discount for all types of users.

Sales & Marketing

A full responsive conversion driven platform

We created an integrated webshop where CJP can sell different membership products. Call-to-action driven throughout the platform with an optimized sales funnel using persuasive design. The backend is directly connected to a third party fulfilment service, making the entire operation fully automated.