Cases overview

CJP identity & outdoor campaign

Parallel to the development of a new visual identity and responsive website, we designed the outdoor campaigns for CJP. CJP is young, urban and edgy so it was important the design would standout.

Brand awareness

In your face without shouting

Part of the new brand strategy is increasing the overall awareness. Although many people know CJP, people aren’t aware of the full scale of possibilities. We developed a campaign based on quotes. A no-nonsense campaign to draw attention, along with a distinctive style that we ended up using for all the stationary and campaigns.

Tone of voice

It's about the way we say something

It is about the people that make up the brand. And the people of CJP are cultural, cheeky and fun. We created a distinctive, recognisable and unique tone of voice for CJP, which is familiar for the customer.

Full service

Their personality and values in a fresh new look

As a full service digital agency we work with CJP on all levels. Together we shape the new identity of CJP. Through a series of attention grabbing campaigns we established more brand exposure and xx more conversion through card activations . We developed a flexible style in which there is space for various forms of cultural expression. We created the website, gift cards, flyers, (street)posters, banners and pillar posters to help plant the seed.