Cases overview

Responsive website of Awakenings

The ambition of Awakenings to expand to other territories created the urge of building an omni- channel and localized platform. With a strong focus on data, users and ticket sales, the new website of Awakenings is ready for the new era of events.

The Restyle of the Awakenings website

The Challenge

Since the diversity of the Awakenings visitor is increasing, it’s important that the website adapts to its new visitors. In the first place for brand experience and ticket sales, but also in order to localize and penetrate other regions.

The techno valhalla of Amsterdam

Hybrid ecommerce solution

The first custom ticketshop with the Paylogic API

Awakenings has taken a step into the next generation ticketing integration. We used the API of Paylogic as ticketing facilitator, but not as data collector. We’ve build an own custom ticketshop on top of the Paylogic API and with the user data input we’ve created an extensive user base for Awakenings. This user data can be used for (re)marketing- and engagement strategies and gives Awakenings great insights over his users.

Omni channel platform

Optimal viewiing and interaction experience

With our omni channel approach we create consistent interactions across multiple channels and ensure a seamless experience for the Awakenings customer. On the same time we collect valuable on- and offline visitors data, what we use to strengthen our inbound marketing strategy.


30.000+ My Awake members

Users can create a My Awake account by simply connecting through Facebook or by filling out their email address. The database matches the artist likes of the member with the artists database of Awakenings and creates a personalised list of favourite artists. By doing so the members experience the website from a more personal perspective and providing Awakenings on the same time with valuable data about popularity of the artists.


'Hey you like Joris Voorn? How about this event?'

By introducing the favourite artist- and event functionality we create user segments by interests and enable us to serve personal content on the website. This way a My Awake member can receive personalised notifications about artists and events in their member dashboard and personalized homepage.