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Awakenings Festival Live Report 2017

The biggest techno festival of the world draws a lot of attention. For more than 7 years already, we made sure everything is visually well reported and that ‘the fear of missing out’ for people who weren’t there was pushed to it’s maximum.


Create a legacy for the entire year

A festival is an experience. You need to hear it, touch it and feel it. Since the festival is only held once a year it’s of great importance that it’s well documented. On top of that there are many people without a ticket, but with an urge to be part of the Awakenings community. So we came up with the idea of an online live report. This way, everyone in the world can follow the event before, during and after the festival.

"During the festival Bravoure takes over all our communication, allowing us a 100% focus on the production"

Maarten van Beusekom
Marketing director Awakenings

A multimedia Walhalla along with proactive seeding on social media

During the festival we actively engage via all possible channels with the enormous fan base of Awakenings. We even had a live Twitter and Snapchat team covering the festival. We created a mobile first, interactive platform that featured real time updates of the festival like photos, live video streams, interviews and instagram posts of the fans and artists. With the help of a social monotoring tool we pro-actively serve and inspire the Awakenings fans with massive impact.


Total reach of 9.8 million people at Facebook only during AWFS17

Every year we reach more people all over the world. On Facebook we’ve accomplished a grow of 150% in reach vs. 2016, we've gained 112.000 new likes on Instagram and received +10.000 more social followers, all just within one weekend. 

At the website we've accomplished a total of 177.000 sessions including 90.000 sessions from new visitors.