Cases overview

Awakenings Festival 2015

The last couple of years Awakenings Festival went through a lot of changes. From a one day festival to a weekender. From national audience to a broad spectrum of international visitors. We’ve helped Awakenings Festival stay on top of their game with a full service long term user centric strategy.

The Challenge

How to create a long lasting identity for the biggest techno festival

With more than 70.000 visitors in a weekend, Awakenings Festival is the largest outdoor techno festival in the world. In order to retain its pole position and with the ambition to explore new territories, Awakenings asked us to renew their identity, logo, online platform and all their festival communication. It's been quite a ride.


Recognition and reiteration

We decided to redo the entire identity with a focus on recognition and reiteration. A simple and easy to identify logo helped us with the visual branding. With a strong conversion driven online platform we could map the audience. A smart social media strategy with a remarketing trigger helped us to optimise the funnel and boost the ticket sales.   

Human interaction, branding and collecting customer insights is our main priority.

Maarten van Beusekom
Marketing director Awakenings
Responsive website

Mobile first, responsive platform with customer insights

Almost half of the visitors use the platform from a mobile device, so we chose a mobile first strategy. We’ve created an interactive, highly visible platform. To showcase the areas and production we went all out on photography. Users can connect through Facebook to favourite their artists, providing Awakenings valuable customer data about the popularity of the artists.

Festival dressing

Where designs come to life

Creating an artwork is one thing, but dressing an enormous festival site is a entirely different ballgame. In close collaboration with Awakenings we made sure everything had the same look and feel. We designed tokens, signing, flyers, posters, fencing banners, festival maps, you name it and we did it.

Social media remarketing strategy

Tailored promotional strategy with focus on engagement and remarketing

With the overcrowded festival landscape a sales driven promotional media strategy is mandatory. Especially if you need to sell 70.000 tickets. We used the powerful mix of email, social media and retargeting to meet the objectives. By using the profile information of the Facebook connected members we could target users with customized content.