Cases overview

Awakenings artwork

We helped Awakenings to streamline their visual identity into a new era of events. By professionalising the style guide, creating a grid system and making sure the look & feel is preserved, while Awakenings explore new territories all over the globe.

The challenge

A long term overall identity with distinctive artwork per edition

With more than 15 events a year, it’s of a great importance for Awakenings that each event has is own look & feel. Awakenings needs to consistently promote itself as an international brand where the quality of the sound, production and music are key. We’ve been asked to create an instantly recognisable identity, while maintaining the flexibility to promote events with different characteristics.

Solving the puzzle

Introducing ‘the grid’

Keeping in mind Awakenings is exploring a lot of new territories, we decided that whether you’re in New York, London or Amsterdam the Awakenings look & feel should be the same. We’ve created a visual grid with the logo as distinctive element. The grid is easily applicable to all types of visuals, both online and print. In this way, we have our own identity, which may vary by event, location and day. Same same, but different. 

From individual artworks to a consistent brand identity