Cases overview

Live feed by Samsung

During ADE, all brands want to have their share of attention. We made sure the main sponsor Samsung made a visible appearance on the online platform.

Strategic partner

How to activate a brand and add value within the platform

As a strategic partner of ADE we’ve been asked to come up with an idea that would showcase Samsung online as the main sponsor. We introduced the ADE live feed by Samsung. Allowing Samsung to claim the prime time spot. By doing so we created an audience for the (already existing) Samsung S Reporters and served the user a highly visual multimedia stream on all devices.

Social media

Instagram map integration

We’ve built an interactive map which showed photos and videos based on a tagged geo location. All directly from the Instagram API combined with multiple Google maps functionalities. In the backend ADE could moderate all the incoming photos and videos.


A total reach of 350.000 visitors during ADE

ADE is a week of extremes and this includes the visitor statistics. We’ve welcomed 350.000 visitors from more than 11 different countries on the Samsung live report. Acquired hunderds of photos from the Instagram hashtag and saw a tremendous increase in the average time spent on the website.