Cases overview

Integrated partnership ADE x Spotify

Starting from ADE 2015,  Amsterdam Dance Event teams up with Spotify and launches a unique integrated service across all platforms, that gives visitors the best of everything ADE has to offer.

The Objective

Explore ADE with Spotify

The unique Spotify integrations on mobile and desktop will make it easier than ever for visitors to navigate through the extensive program of ADE and discover new talent - and music. With this unique integration, all ADE members will have everything they need to customise their festival experience.

Artist profiles

Artist profiles brought to you by Spotify

ADE has a database of 11,500 artists. More than 3,000 artist also have a Spotify account and this number is growing. We’ve enriched the ADE artists profile pages with an automatic generated playlist of the top 10 tracks. All ADE visitors can now listen to Spotify music on the artist profile page of their favourite artists.

Omni-channel experience

Intuitive native mobile app

With the new ADE app, visitors get the most out of their ADE experience. The app is connected with the content management platform of ADE and offers a host of exciting new possibilities, like instant push notifications to segmented target audiences, live streams, news updates and an interactive map functionality to guide you to every location.

Member account

Spotify connect

The option to create an ADE member account by logging in with Spotify was introduced by us. When you connect with your Spotify account, an intelligent matchmaker collects your favourite artists and listening history of Spotify and matches the data with the ADE artist database. 

Personalize your ADE

Let your music guide you

The intelligent matchmaker creates your ADE x Spotify experience by offering personalized program recommendations and will keep you up-to-date on where and when all your favourite artists are performing. To guide you even more, ADE suggests other artists you’ll definitely want to check out based on your favourite artists!