Cases overview

ADE member system

ADE is all about the people and we know that each interaction with your audience counts. By building a unique Facebook member based system we make sure the user gets the digital experience he deserves.

Recommended for you

Personalisation is the name of the game

By building a unique Facebook member based system we made sure the user got the digital experience he deserved.

We went the extra mile by adding the ‘recommended for you’ functionality to the member account. This way ADE shapes your music knowledge and gets you familiar with new talented artists.

ADE shapes your music knowledge

Get notified

A personal heads up directly in your inbox

An artist notification mail is sent out to let members know when and where their favourite artist is playing. This mail is also used as a personal communication tool to boost awareness and ticket sales.


A great amount of web visitors became an ADE Member

Visitors can create a My ADE account by simply connecting through Facebook or by filling out their email address. The database matches the artist and venue likes of the member, with the data of the festival.


More than 3.500 unique artists likes in 2015

All the ADE members combined liked more than 3.500 unique artists. Based on their own likes and interest, members can put together their own program and follow artists to create their personal ADE experience.

Smart technologies

Getting things done in a split second

To keep the favourite function working smoothly it's of great importance to easily add artists and events to the site. We used a range of technologies to achieve this, allowing events and favorite artists to be added to the site through a bespoke content management system.