Cases overview

ADE conference screens & narrowcasting

At ADE we used digital signage throughout Amsterdam as an excellent platform to show attractive and engaging content to the visitors of ADE.

The concept

Transforming online data into citywide narrowcasting

The advantage of a centralized platform shows in our ADE narrowcasting solution. Since all the data is stored within the platform we’ve created a narrowcasting tool that allows us to display all sorts of information on multiple screens at the same time. Therefore ADE can guide their conference visitors with digital signing and inspire the festival crowd with photo and video all from the same backend.


Multi Channel, flexible templates and API driven

The technology is based on several templates that are triggered from the CMS. ADE can define as many channels as they like. The API output makes it very easy to plug in for third party software. Content can be changed by one click, ensuring a uniform brand experience.

Real time

Social media integration

We’ve implemented a Twitter and Instagram hashtag to one of the templates. Visitors could simply take a photo to join the conversation by tagging #ADE14. In the backend ADE could moderate all the incoming photos and tweets.