Cases overview

AMF: Online platform & membership

AMF Festival is an iconic festival annually nestled in the heart of the Amsterdam Dance Event. The goal of ALDA Events is to make AMF Festival the #1 destination for DJ’s, fans and industry and they asked Bravoure to pitch in to enrich its online presence.

The challenge

#1 Destination for DJ’s, fans & industry

AMF Festival offers an immersive brand experience from start to finish. In 2016, ALDA Events had a growing need for a hybrid social platform which help AMF to focus more on the customer journey, content, brand engagement, conversion and business intelligence.

A massive show in the ArenA that lasted two full days

dynamic website

Sustainable social platform

The events of AMF Festival are fueled by creativity, experience and overall love for execution. No difference for the website. Whether the focus is on ticket sales, creating experiences or engaging your target audience, the new dynamic ,mobile first,website of AMF has it all.


Member profiling

Hi AMF Friend

To strengthen the fan engagement we created a digital member community. The AMF member get exclusive access to content, tickets and gimmicks especially created for them. The value for AMF Festival is the combination of software solutions and real world human interaction with AMF and fans.

Data collection

AMF knows their members

Only AMF members can buy tickets on the responsive AMF website. Users can create their account through Facebook or email. AMF collects all the available data, which helps them gain customer insights. Optimising conversions and user experience is driven by learnings gathered from the collected data.

Data collection

Generating visitor insights with Google Analytics

AMF and her partners defined a list of KPIs for the website which needed to be measured. By integrating Google Analytics in all aspects of the responsive website AMF has gained valuable insights about the users and their browsing habits.