Cases overview

Content platform 365 Dagen Succesvol

In a short amount of time 365 Dagen Succesvol has become a leading platform for personal growth. With 240.000 followers on Facebook and more than 100.000 unique visitors per week on the website, they were ready to bring their online presence to a next level.

The challenge

The #1 online platform for self-development

The request was plain and simple: driven by content, the new website needed to be the best in its kind. The aim was to adapt a magazine-like interface, with a trustful, friendly feeling that helps users easily navigate through the four main categories of content on the website and sell out all or their programs. Challenge accepted!

User experience

Infinite scroll reading experience

When readers finish an article, they can find new stories by simply continuing the behavior they’ve already engaged in on the page: scrolling. This scroll functionalitity makes the site cleaner, simpler and leads people into spending more time with the content. Rather than increasing the number of pages views, our goal us to increase the amount of time each reader spends on the website to create more reader loyalty.


Smart headers and low profile product push

By getting readers to spend more time with content that they truly value, they will be more likely to engage with 365 Dagen Succesvol's community, which means sharing it with others and joining the offered programs. Our job was to seamlessly and subtly integrate the CTA's  to lead readers into making the conversion to 365 Dagen Succesvol's products.

UX & Design

Simple, surprising and a bit of humour

By eliminating clutter on each page, we help users focus their attention on the content. Our new design improves both the aesthetics and the reading experience of the website. Combined with mobile centred design - 75% are mobile users - the user experience and usability has increased significantly.


All content is modular

One of 365 Dagen Succesvol'request was to be able to bend and change all the pages to serve its readers the utmost. We made this functionality possible by building landing pages with modular content. By breaking down all of the content into smaller blocks, items can be cobined and re-shuffled in a number of different ways to create a wide range of possible pages based on different content types.