What’s buzzing at Bravoure

The last couple of months went by in a heartbeat. Before we knew, we swapped our warm winter clothes, hot choco and movie nights for ice cream Mondays and picnics in the park.

Our team has grown with 2 new people and we have been privileged to have the opportunity to work with some amazing clients on stunning new projects, that we love to share with you.


365 Dagen Succesvol

365 Dagen Succesvol is a small company with a strong ambition. They want to make the Netherlands the happiest country of the world by 2020. The request was straightforward: The new content platform needed to be the best in its kind and become the #1 platform for self-development. We adapted a magazine-like interface, with a trustful, friendly feeling that helps users easily navigate through the four main categories of content on the website. We think we did a pretty good job! Slowly but surely we also transform their print work into the updated visual identity we created.  Stay tuned for more new features on their website.


Adding Paradiso to our client portfolio is a dream come true for an Amsterdam based agency like us! Paradiso is a temple of new culture, always exploring the borders of pop culture Their request was simple: bring Paradiso to a new (online) era. With great enthusiasm we took on the challenge to combine the digital world with the leading role of Paradiso in music and culture.

For this project we looked closely at the mobile apps of major companies like AirBnB and Spotify, and translated this into a progressive mobile first strategy. Our main focus was on creating the best possible view of the comprehensive program. We also added a cool integration with Spotify that allows visitors to create a personal Paradiso program based on their Spotify account. Discover your personal program right away!

Awakenings Festival 2017 - Live Report

The biggest techno festival of the world draws a lot of attention. For more than 7 years already, we made sure everything of Awakenings Festival is visually well reported and that ‘the fear of missing out’ for people who weren’t there was pushed to it’s maximum. The weekend was a big success for Awakenings. We reached a total of 9.8 million people during the weekend, at Facebook only! Equally important, we as a team had a blast! You can still see the live report at the website of Awakenings Festival.


Paaspop is an iconic festival kicking off the Dutch festival season with a bang. They set themselves apart by creating breathtaking Las Vegas-like decors, over the top stage productions and energetic acts. For Paaspop it was important the website is a reflection of the festival. We were honoured to translate their circus excentrique style to an new, user friendly, mobile first website. Check out the site here and buy your early bird ticket directly ;)


Shoutout to our team

We are super proud on our team and the hard work they have been doing the last couple of months. Nothing is more rewarding than sharing the adventure of building something that truly matters with engaged team mates. YAY team!


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Food for thought

Meanwhile we published some new blogs about why we love Slack, How to choose a CMS and the relationship between design & development.



Kim Krauwel
Account Manager