2016 - our year in review

The end of the year is nearing, traditionally a time to reflect on the past twelve months. We have been busy this year and would like to share a bit with you.

The end of the year is nearing, traditionally a time to reflect on the past twelve months. We have been busy this year and would like to share a bit with you.


The start of the year traditionally marks a busy period when a lot of (summer) festivals announce their new event. This year was no different for us with the announcement of Awakenings Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event and Dekmantel Festival.


New kids on the block

We added a few new friends to our portfolio during the cold days of January. Brand new club De School opened its doors. We helped them with their online presence in the form of two new websites in their distinctive style, one for De School and one for Het Gymlokaal.

Our friends at Tig Sports organised a new event in April, called Urban Sports Week. A few days of several urban sports would be showcased in Amsterdam. Bravoure created the entire visual identity for the brand new event and also took care of the website.


Custom ticket shop for AMF Festival

One of our bigger projects this year was the new website of AMF Festival. Alda Events increased the amount of AMF events they organised during ADE in October to eight. More events meant more tickets to be sold. We created a custom ticket shop, leveraging the Paylogic ticketing API. The ticket shop was entirely integrated in the brand new website we created for AMF.


Memories and new faces

Throughout the year we saw a few changes in our team. We said goodbye to a few colleagues, but also greeted some new faces. We would like to use this opportunity to thank our old and new interns, trainees and long term colleagues for their efforts throughout the year.


Year round Awakenings

Our long-time friends of Awakenings are best known for their yearly summer festival, Awakenings Festival. Throughout the year Awakenings organised events in their beloved Gashouder in Amsterdam. This year they also went to New York, Chile, Antwerp, Manchester and Eindhoven though.


All artwork for their Dutch events was created by Bravoure. We also helped them with their online marketing strategy, which includes their website and online ticketing, but also all their social channels and newsletters. Awakenings Festival was no different, other than our complete team spending the weekend at the festival terrain to maintain a live report through their social channels and the website.


Together with our friends of Matise we created a brand new Awakenings app. While Bravoure was responsible for concepting, design and API development, Matise took care of the app development.


End of summer Dekmantel Festival(s)

Dekmantel has claimed the end of summer as their yearly festival moment. We created their website, which aided their Amsterdam event. Shortly after, Dekmantel announced their new festival in Brazil: Dekmantel Festival Sao Paulo. We helped with a quick sprint to create their completely new website. Bravoure believes in reusing, without losing the unique feeling of a website. From Dekmantel Festival Amsterdam to Dekmantel Festival São Paulo; the same, but completely different.


Emark marketing technology

Another new addition to our portfolio was Haarlem based marketing technology company Emark which secured an investment by Salesforce Ventures in autumn of this year. Bravoure created a completely new visual identity, which was fitting for their new status as extremely fast growing company with new offices outside of the Netherlands. Following the new identity, we also helped them with a new website which can be completely customised from the CMS, based on atomic design principles.


Yellow is the colour of October

When the leaves on the trees turn yellow in the autumn, the city of Amsterdam sees a similar transformation. Amsterdam Dance Event and their signature yellow colour is everywhere during one week in October. Bravoure was responsible for the online ADE platform for the fifth year in a row.


Online ADE memberships leveraging Spotify and Facebook aided event filtering were still at the core of the ADE website which we have developed and improved over the years. We helped Amsterdam Dance Event with their marketing efforts by providing strategic sessions, continuous work on their website and related features like narrowcasting and providing the API for the ADE app.


CJP Cultuurkaart

November marks the start of a new Cultuurkaart year for CJP. During the last few months of the year, hundreds of thousands high school students will activate their Cultuurkaart through the website of CJP which we have created last year. This year we've helped CJP with some improvements on the website. We also created the artwork for their outdoor campaigns throughout the year.



You might be aware of a new product we're working on; Jello. It builds upon principles we value highly, such as reusability without losing customizability. Throughout the year we have been steadily developing, implementing, testing and improving Jello according to Agile principles. A few of our clients are already using the new version.


End of year

Our friends of BeBurger launched their new vegetarian burger at the end of the year. We designed and developed the BeBurger website which contains a burger creator.


What's next?

Although the year is not over yet, we're already busy with some exciting projects which will see daylight in 2017. We will improve Jello further and implement it for more clients. We will help our existing clients with their products and new projects and welcome new clients with equally new projects.


For now we say: thank you all for this year!


Bravoure Team