Bravoure during Amsterdam Dance Event

The third week of October is the most important week for everything related to electronic music. Amsterdam Dance Event will host over 450 events over the course of five days, throughout the city of Amsterdam. Bravoure will be there, will you?

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the world's largest electronic music conference. Roughly 375.000 visitors from around the world will visit Amsterdam to join one of the 450 events in one of the 140 venues. 2.200 artists will perform during ADE's night festival program, while 450 speakers will join the day conference program. ADE will be held for the 21st time and it will not go by unnoticed. Quite a few of our friends will be attending.


Amsterdam Dance Event

For the fifth year in a row Bravoure has helped ADE with their online strategy and presence. The website (both mobile and desktop) and the app, help visitors find their way through ADE's extensive program.


The unique Facebook and Spotify connections customise the festival experience of the visitor by importing their favourite artists. With the favourite artists feature, visitors can create and edit their ADE program in just a few clicks.


We went the extra mile by adding the ‘recommended for you’ functionality to the member account. This way ADE shapes your music knowledge and gets you familiar with new talented artists.
By integrating a Business Intelligence tool we bring the data of ADE to life for the marketing and sales team. The tool transforms all the data into rich visuals and creates a dashboard that gives them a single view of their most critical business data and helps them to gain useful marketing insights.



Our long-time friend Awakenings will host five events in their favourite venue de Gashouder. We created their website and integrated a custom-built ticketshop leveraging Paylogics API. With more than 15 events a year, it’s of great importance for Awakenings that each event has its own look & feel. Our design team worked on the distinctive artwork for the 5 ADE events just like previous years.


The easy to use ticketshop and our online marketing and social media strategy helped Awakenings sell out all five nights well in advance. The generated user data from social channels and the website is used for (re)marketing- and engagement strategies and gives Awakenings great insights.


A few weeks before ADE we helped Awakenings release the second version of their mobile app, which is now available on Android and iOS phones. Our friends at Matise created the app that we designed and created the API for. The custom ticketshop is integrated in the new app and users can store their favourite artists and get personalised news and media in their profile stream.


AMF Festival

Last year we helped Alda Events with their event Amsterdam Music Festival. We created a pre-registration page with a personal touch. Visitors could prefill the form from Facebook and store their favourite artists, giving them the chance to become the first to know about the artists of this year's events.


Earlier this year we had the honour to create the new AMF Festival website, including a member system and a custom built ticketshop, which uses the Paylogic API while giving the visitor a friendlier experience through a webshop with shopping cart.


Amsterdam Music Festival changed their name to AMF Festival this year and the amount of events went to 8 on all five ADE days, including the announcement on the yearly DJ Mag top100 DJs. Together with Alda Events and Netprofiler we integrated Google Analytics ecommerce tracking and an extensive list of other tracking goals to turn data into customer insights.


Other friends of Bravoure

While AMF and Awakenings are easily the two largest series of events on ADE, quite a few other friends of Bravoure will be attending.


Our friends of Dekmantel welcomed their newest event Dekmantel Festival São Paulo just a few weeks ago. Bravoure created the website for their new Brazilian event and Dekmantel Festival Amsterdam which was held last August for the third time. During ADE Dekmantel Soundsystem will be performing one night at De School. Thomas Martojo and Matthijs Theben Terville of Dekmantel will also talk about their worldwide experiences during an ADE University conference event.


New kids on the block this year are De School and Claire, both part of our portfolio. The new website of De School went live in January this year.  We were proud to be part of this project and to support our old friends of Trouw in their new and exciting adventures. De School will host 7 great events during ADE, including two playground events. One of those playground events will be hosted by Het Gymlokaal: a football tournament for charity. Bravoure also created the website for Het Gymlokaal earlier this year.


Claire is the new nightclub of Amsterdam, taking over the space once the home of Studio 80. Our Art Director took his job seriously when they asked Bravoure to come up with the new logo and design for Claire. A joint effort with Matise will make sure the new website will be launched soon! It is their first time at ADE, covering Wednesday till Saturday. During ADE, Claire has created a program that gives a sneak peek of the music that will shape their future.


The Marketing Tribune had a nice coverage about the role of Bravoure and the visual representation of Amsterdam Dance event. You can read the article here (Dutch only).


Will we see you there?

Drop us a line at hallo@bravoure.nl



Lichai Cohn
Technical Lead