Live from Awakenings Festival 2016

Like previous years, we will be responsible for the complete online Awakenings Festival experience. Our team will be updating the live report with photos and videos and the Awakenings social channels.

We will update our live blog from time to time to keep you up-to-date.


Saturday June 25, 10:00
Soundchecks all around. The amount of website visitors is growing and we're starting our first shift. We just said hello to the photographers and videographers who will be providing us with content. After a few days of build up photos, it's now time to introduce the stages to the people and get them in the mood for a techno weekend.


Saturday June 25, 11:30
Only thirty minutes until the start of the festival. The Awakenings Twitter-team has had their final briefing and will now be tweeting from the festival terrain for the rest of the day. Our Instagram team just posted the “only thirty minutes to go” post we created.


Saturday June 25, 13:17
The live report is coming along nicely with the first batches of photos of our photographer friends. Our Snapchat-team has been briefed and is ready for a day of filling the Awakenings Snapchat story with unique content.


Saturday June 25, 13:56
Our video team just edited the first short video, welcoming all visitors to the festival. We are having a delicious Awakenings lunch to get some well-deserved energy for the rest of the day.


Saturday June 25, 16:03
Our cabin is shaking on the beats of Marcel Dettman. The sun just started showing itself and the summer vibes are all over the place. The videos we have posted on Instagram are gathering quite some attention.


Saturday June 25, 19:15
The crowd is getting frantic during the final minutes of Sven Vath at Area V.  Sun and good vibes is all you need! Thanks to the boys of signing, we can also enjoy parts of his set. We received some amazing landscape pictures of the photographers which will generate a lot of likes on the report.


Saturday June 25, 20:37
Pan - pot delivers a masterpiece of techno music at Area V. In the meanwhile half of the team is having dinner and the other half are showing off their creativity creating a beautiful black and white post “Baron of Techno”.


Saturday June 25, 22:55
The famous fireworks have started. We have just opened our window fully to enjoy the spectacle just before we thank the visitors on all the social channels. It’s amazing to see how many people are watching the live report at this time.


Saturday June 25, 23:51
We have just wrapped up day one with a short firework video, the last batch of photos for the day and posts on all the social channels. See you tomorrow!


Sunday June 26, 9:00
Rise and shine, it’s techno time! Sorry, we couldn’t resist this catchy phrase. After a short night we’re ready to start a new day. We hope the weather will be the same as yesterday.


Sunday June 26, 10:14
We’re preparing the live report for a new day with some fresh images. The weather looks great so far, so the pictures show blue skies and green grass. Perfect festival weather!


Sunday June 26, 10:32
We have plenty of questions to answer in the webcare system. People mostly want to know things about tickets and travel. We prepared answers beforehand with the Awakenings crew.


Sunday June 26, 12:02
And we’re off for day two! It is crazy to see how many people are already waiting for the gates to open. Our snapchat team is back on track again to entertain the crowd and the people at home.


Sunday June 26, 14:26
The sun is our best friend and groovy tunes are coming from the decks of Alle Farben at Area A. We love to see how many people are interacting with Awakenings on Social media. Our webcare team wish you all a great day!


Sunday June 26, 17.00
We already received some great pictures from the photo team and the first live streams of be-at.tv are streaming to facebook live. Fantastic to see how many people at home are following us on social!


Sunday June 26, 19:03
We just had a shift in teams and everyone is ready to make this a night to remember. The DJ’s really turn up the pace and the fields are packed with people dancing.


Sunday June 26, 21:43
Confetti and CO2 Blasters all over the place at Area W with Joseph Capriati! Traffic on the social channels of Awakenings is spiking. Unbelievable how many people are watching and following Awakenings Live during the final moments.


Sunday June 26, 23:00
The crowd is going wild on the final beats of Awakenings Festival 2016. Fireworks mark the end of this massive festival. Even at this


Sunday June 26, 00:11
It’s a wrap! We have just uploaded the last compilation video of the day, checked the live report one final time and thanked all of our fans on all social channels. Everybody is exhausted, but satisfied!


Monday June 27, 11:13
We had an amazing weekend and will be adding more content to the Awakenings Festival live report and social channels during the week. We will also create a custom dashboard for Awakenings with data about visitors, social reach and ticket sales.




Bravoure Team