5 reasons why your digital agency should use Scrum

More and more digital agencies made the shift to the Scrum method in order to better serve clients and their evolving online needs. What does this mean for you, as a client? We have listed 5 major benefits of working with Scrum.

In the last couple of years, more and more digital agencies made the shift from a typical Waterfall development approach to adopting the Scrum method, a leading Agile framework, in order to better serve clients and their evolving online needs. 

What does this mean for you, as a client? We have listed 5 major benefits of working with Scrum.


1.    Flexibility to change 

How often have you been in the middle of a project and the scope had to be  radically changed based on new ideas by your stakeholders or company strategy? More than once I guess. Most of the time this means you had to start all over again. It is a wasteful and frustrating result of a Waterfall project. With Waterfall, change in scope can seriously impact time, costs and quality.


The Scrum method provides more focus and enables to plan complex projects better. In Scrum you start with the most important functionality and build on that in an iterative way, every step integrating the insights you learned along the way.  With shorter planning cycles, called Sprints, it’s easy to accommodate and accept changes at any time during the project. There is always an opportunity to refine and reprioritize the backlog, letting you introduce changes to the project in a matter of weeks.


2.     Client involvement

One of the most important things in Scrum is that the client is part of the team. Client involvement is vital to the success of a Scrum project. As client you are highly engaged in all stages of the process. The role of the client is referred to as the Product Owner. As Product Owner, you discuss and prioritise the upcoming features and functionality with the team, review progress and you adjust objectives when needed.


This way there is a high degree of collaboration and trust between the client and the team, providing more opportunities for the team to truly understand your vision and to react fast on changes.


3.    Business value

Before every Sprint, it is key to measure the importance of every functionality against the business value it creates for you as the client as well the end user. The Product Owner and the team agree on delivering a subset of features during each Sprint. By allowing you, the Product Owner, to determine the priority of features, the team understands what's most important for your business, and can deliver the features that provide the most value.

In a fixed schedule of Sprints, the new features are delivered quickly and frequently. This way a working product is created that can be reviewed and evaluated with the Product Owner.

During the whole process the Product Owner has every opportunity to constantly refine and reprioritise the items based on new insights. New or changed items can be planned for the next Sprint, providing the opportunity to introduce changes and customise the product within a few weeks.  


This is what we love about being Agile: you build a working product, evaluate it, learn from it, then use the insights while continuing creating.


4.    Dedicated team

In Scrum you work in multidisciplinary teams. As Product Owner, the client is part of the team. Every member has a specific skill, the team is self- organized and the team is responsible for the tasks they commit to work on.


There is a high level of collaboration and communication between the Product Owner and the team. The Scrum Team will meet daily to discuss goals and potential blockers for the project, contributing to greater project transparency and more predictable progress.


Because the team is exclusively working on one project, their productivity is maximised and they are challenged to bring in everything they have to offer. End result: A great product. What else do you want?!


5.    Quality of work

By breaking down the project into  iterations (Sprints), the team can focus on high-quality development and testing. Conducting tests during each Sprint means that bugs get identified and solved more quickly and quality improves. The end result is a working product that adds value for you as the client and the end-user.


In summary, at Bravoure we think working Agile and using Scrum is the best way to go! Make sure that all parties involved have a clear understanding of the Scrum methodology and process and invest in the level of trust between the agency and the client: All parties need to be working towards a common goal.


Scrum at Bravoure

At Bravoure we work on all our big projects with multidisciplinary teams in an Agile way. We love how it raises the quality of our work, intensifies the relationship with our clients and  boosts the spirit of our team. Find some of our latest work which we have created in Sprints in our cases.


Any questions about how Scrum can help your projects run smoothly? Contact us for a free consult at 020 - 262 99 09.




Kim Krauwel
Senior Project Manager