5 key benefits of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing focuses on helping the customer to find you, using digital marketing tools like content, search, social and email marketing to drive the growth of your business

Marketing has come a long way and new techniques and methods emerge every day. Can you remember the annoying phone while you were having dinner? Luckily Telemarketing is on their way back. However, a lot of marketers still use old fashioned methods like the disturbing pop-up ads on your computer or direct mailings about products and services you never use. These methods of marketing are interruptive and annoying. Many marketers seem lost in the possibilities and often they have not learned how new methods, like inbound marketing, fit in their marketing strategy.


Inbound marketing
Inbound marketing is a very effective form of marketing because it’s about adding the ‘human touch’ to business interactions. Inbound marketing focuses on helping the customer to find you, using digital marketing tools like content, search, social and email marketing to drive the growth of your business. In short, inbound marketing helps you with reaching your customers in an organic way and not in a destructive way. But what do you have to gain as a business?


1: Increases brand visibility and brand awareness through inbound marketing

At the core of inbound marketing is attracting the right customers to your site. Nowadays more than 80% of buyers start their search online. They are looking for reviews, testimonials, the major players and the best insights into the purchase. So your company needs to pop up in the search results. There are several ways to do this, but content is king in inbound marketing. Attract your ideal customer by creating unique and informative content specifically tailored for them on numerous different online platforms. Search engines will crawl through your content and determine what is relevant to industry searches. All these efforts increases the change a customer will find your brand and that you get your brand in front of thousands of prospects and educate and inform them about the benefits of your products and services.


2: Build long lasting relationships & brand authority through inbound marketing
Inbound marketing is primarily focused on earning people’s attention and trust, by creating and distributing content that educates people, lets people share and start conversations around. By offering insights, tips and answers via your content you create the perfect opportunity to become the expert and trusted authority in the market. Invest your time in building great relationships and you will be the first they reach out to when they decide to make the purchase.


3: Generates quality traffic & leads through inbound marketing

Within inbound marketing we believe that targeted content will drive traffic to your website and  generates trusted relationships that you can turn into leads. By choosing to consume the content you produce, leads qualify themselves as such. The more content you produce, the more often prospects are inclined to go to your website. And because you are following the inbound marketing techniques, you will gather their contact information by making sure all all your calls to action are in place, you have specialised landing pages with content that will help the prospect leave their information or even buy your product.


4: Reach new markets and audiences through inbound marketing

One of the major benefits of the internet is that it allows you to reach an immense group of people, diversify and target your reach, by running different types of campaigns.

With old fashioned marketing tools it is hard to make (new) segmentations and target only those people that you want to reach, without spending a lot of money and time. With inbound marketing you can change or adjust your campaigns within a few clicks. The fact that you can select exactly and in great detail who will see your content has an huge advantage. These leads will often be higher quality and further along in the sales cycle then leads brought in through traditional outbound marketing tactics like direct mail or cold-calling.

5: Inbound marketing is  cost effective (lower costs per lead)

According to Hubspot, inbound leads from social media, email marketing, blogs and SEO cost 61% less than outbound leads from traditional marketing.


While old fashioned marketing will keep you spending year round on print advertising, direct mail, television and radio, with inbound marketing the stream of visitors and leads will stay long after the investment is made. The visibility and the reputation of your company is captured in the website and content on all online (social) platforms and search engines. Advertising on social media or Google AdWords is mostly less expensive to find your target audience compared to traditional advertising. The ease of reaching a more targeted audience and collect more relevant leads for your company online will generally equate to a lower cost per lead (and higher ROI) than outbound marketing efforts.



Inbound marketing has been phenomenally successful for many large and small businesses. We believe that anyone can use inbound marketing to promote themselves and their products and services. This doesn’t mean that you should focus on only inbound marketing. It is important to find the right balance for your own business and determine which channels actually deliver the highest ROI.

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Kim Krauwel
Senior Project Manager